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Exercise in the time of Covid

Wow! Are we glad things are opening up? In Eugene, Oregon, where I live, we have started Phase 2, but that doesn't mean we can throw caution to the wind. We must all continue to wear masks and social distance when possible. My gym has opened and is complying with safety regulations. I am still nervous about going back because I am in the high risk group. My big problem is this: I cannot seem to motivate myself to exercise at home even though there are plenty of videos available to follow. I have never been good at exercising alone. I can think of every excuse possible. Here is an example. I retrieved my rolled up yoga mat from the garage and sat it in the living room. It is still not unrolled and that was 2 weeks ago. This, even with the fact that I have gained weight since the sheltering at home situation. Psychologically I cannot figure out why I don't exercise at home. I procrastinate by reminding myself that I golf one to two days a week and walk the 9 holes. I walk the dog almost daily, but it's not really a walk for two reasons. If it's raining (after all, this is Oregon!) we may only do a couple of blocks. The other reason is that Sophie (my dog) stops and sniffs everything along the way. The ‘doggy newspaper’ must be read. So, nothing aerobic there, just the enjoyment of being outside. Before Corona, I golfed as weather permitted, attended an exercise class, went to the gym once or twice a week and walked the dog. I certainly am aware of how important it is to continue the exercise at the same level but I just don't do it. I have made a change with diet. I've given up beef, pork and chicken and try to eat more like a vegetarian; however, I haven't given up eggs and fish. I hope this will make a little difference. Does anyone else have this stupid problem? If so have you come up with solutions to it?

Willing to accept any helpful advice I can get.

Let’s talk.

Let’s collaborate.

Let’s ease each others mind by knowing that we’re not ‘alone’ with problems.


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