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  • Kay Runyan

Loss of family to COVID

In June of 2020 I lost my brother Gerald to COVID. He was in a nursing home and had not seen any family member except through a window for the prior 3 months. He was suffering from "failure to thrive" because of loneliness. Prior to the restriction his wife and other family members had visited him every day and had lunch with him. His descent into death was rapid once he tested positive. I think about him every day.

My niece called and told me my sister Barbara has been diagnosed with COVID. She is in a nursing home too. She is now isolated with others who have tested positive. So far she has shown mild symptoms. The nursing homes have become more compassionate as they are making it possible for families to connect virtually (zoom). This was not the case when my brother was so isolated.

Family has always been the most important thing in my life, my parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and other extended family members. Over the years some of those closest to me are gone. My parents, who had lived out their lives, but others whose lives were cut short. My youngest brother Ben and his son were killed in a plane crash. My older brother's life was ended with COVID 19 and I don't know at this point if that is how I will lose my sister. One of my nieces in TN has been diagnosed and she lives with her mother, my brothers widow, who has become very frail and despondent since my brothers death. I am very worried that she will contract COVID. So far, my children and adult grandchildren are fine. I can pray that they stay safe. COVID has affected many many people and has brought extreme saddness to families. The grief from a death is often more painful because the person could not have family contact as they descended into death. Let's all pray for the safety of others during this awful time.


just contacted me to let me know that my sister who is also in a nursing home just tested positive for COVID. However, her daughters were able to visit with her until recently.


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