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Mustering Resilience for Technology

In continuing my blogs on resilience, I am going to talk about the challenges of technology for us seniors. Boy does it take resilience. It seems like it takes me forever to learn how to do something new on the computer, usually by trial and error. Then when I want to do it again, I can't remember the steps. Argggggg. Does anyone else have this issue or is it senioritis? If one of my grandsons is around I will ask him. The response is like this. "Nana, do this" followed by a rapid succession of clicking various keys so fast that I can't even tell which keys are being hit. I think it requires too much patience to slow down and actually go through the teaching of the steps. Oh well, someday he will be old too. I guess the fact that I was a teacher and educator for most of my career I think other people can teach too. Well, some are just not cut out to do that. So back to resilience. I finally hired someone to create a new web site for me. Now the challenge is to learn how to put my blogs on it. Being the crafty person that I am, I have a video chat scheduled with him so that he can walk me through the process. I made sure this kind of support was stated in my contract with him. The bottom line, after the expense of a new website I need to learn how to get the most out of it. After today (Aug. 6) it will be up and running. I hope all of you reading this will check it out. Also, any responses I receive on this blog will be greatly appreciated.

Takeaway Tip: If at first you don't succeed, try again and sometimes again and again.


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