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  • Kay Runyan


As many of you know who follow me, my sister contracted COVID. She is in a nursing home. She was symptom free for 10 days and we all thought she was out of the woods. But COVID is insidious. It can pretend it is gone, but then slither back to do more damage with long term affects, or it can pounce with a vengeance and kill a person that seemingly survived it. It killed my sister three days after she was symptom free. It had weakened and ravaged her body to the point that she had to give up her life. This is my second sibling in 7 months that has been lost to this deadly virus. I'm the only one left out of 4.

In my memoir I wrote about loving memories of my sister who was always so kind. She had the purest of hearts. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She could not stand to see a child hurt and if necessary would come to their defense at the risk of harsh words said to her. My sister Barbara was a firm believer in God and a faithful servant. She loved the hymns that were sung in church. All three of her children were able to say goodbye to her. She has gone to meet her maker and her body will be made whole again.


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