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  • Kay Runyan

THE BIG MOVE (final I hope)

Again it's been awhile (over 2 months) since I posted a blog. A lot has happened in that time. My last blog left off with the tantalyzing statement that a big move was in the works.

I had decided that I wanted to be near my son David. He has resided in Coeur d' Alene for over 25 years. He had encouraged me to move to CDA before moving to Eugene. Now I have decided it was time to be around a family member in case I needed help in the future with health issues or whatever. So on the last two visits we started to look at places I might like to live. We both agreed on a wonderful 55+ community about 2 miles from his house. There was a wait list for a 2 bdrm. apartment. I couldn't list my house for sale until I secured an apartment. Finally, starting March 1st a 2 bdrm. became available. I had to start my rent as of 3/1.

I quickly listed my house, and thanks to the hot market in Eugene, it sold in 2 weeks and the closing date was March 18th. I had to pack, arrange movers, sell a ton of stuff, and donate another ton. The 2 bdrm apt. is small compared to my 2 bedrm. house. The movers arrived March 17th. Even though I had done my homework it turned out to be a nightmare dealing with ProMovers. I am still trying to resolve issues, which is a whole other blog that I will not go into now.

Thankfully Dave and his fiance have helped me tremendously in getting settled. I still ha too much stuff. Dave works at No. Idaho College and has work study students that are always in need. I gave towel sets, sheets, blankets and kitchen stuff. Not much storage room here.

It is so wonderful to be rid of home ownership. Ownership was wonderful for 50+ years, but I don't want the hassles anymore. Here I have one check to write which includes, rent, all utilities, even WIFI, a garage, (separate) from apartment, and is an option). If something needs fixing, I just call Maintenance and it is immediately fixed. What a joy! no more trying to find a good handyman and waiting for them to be available. No more dragging trash cans to the curb, no longer dealing with Comcast, trying to find the best home insurance policy and a multitude of stuff that is just daily living when you own a home.

I am already part of a small walking group, 3 other ladies, a book club and a story telling group. We walk 2 miles a day, and it is cold. 37 this morning (wore my 3/4 length fur) and put Sophie's warmest coat on her. She is a trooper. I introduced my book to the club and they chose it as the read for June. YAY! I will be attending the story telling group at the end of the month. Lots of activities and everyone is involved and having fun. No sitting around like "old people." We even have a pub, movie theater and an indoor heated salt water pool and hot tub. If you want to know more about this 55+ community, go to They have places in about 8 states. Every Friday is pub time from 4-5:30. Sometimes there is a theme. Last one was "beach day," this was done with the hope that if we pretended it was warm enough to go to the beach, maybe it would get warmer. One lady had on a replica of a swimsuit that was in vogue 100 years ago. Everyone gets 2 free glasses of wine of choice, or beer or root beer float. It's just a fun time. Sometimes there is Karaoke after the pub closes. At that point we just go get our own drinks. Well, enough about my "big move". Additionally, I am really enjoying being around my son Dave.

Womens bathing suit early 1900's.


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