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  • Kay Runyan

Spring has Sprung????

I cut these daffodils from my son's garden. I saw them make the valiant effort over the last two weeks to rise up and open to the world. The sun was out briefly at that moment and my spirits rose. I had to cut a small bouquet and bring the beauty of these little daffodils into my home. The next morning I filled my coffee cup and sat at the table so that I could absorb their beauty. Outside had turned rainy and cold but it didn't matter. It was a sign to me that things were going to get better as Spring comes along and more and more of these strong little flowers will show their beautiful faces. The sun will shine more days here in Oregon, the temperature will go up each day, more and more people will get vaccinated against the Covid 19, restaurants will open indoor dining (of course with guidelines) and people will begin to emerge from isolation.

The sadness we feel about those we have lost to Covid will still be with us but our memories of them will bring us joy and happiness when we think about them. I received the video from my sister's memorial. Her three children and grandchildren created a most beautiful ceremony. It was just family as relatives were encouraged to not travel. I could not be there, but wrote her eulogy which my niece read. Her children spoke of her. The theme throughout was how kind my sister was to everyone. She had a loving heart and exuded positive energy to the universe with her laughter and giving of herself. My memories of her are as beautiful as the daffodils as they spring up to add beauty to the world.


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